Would you like to help spreading the word of PyDays Vienna? This would mean a great deal to us!

To make things easy for you, we have prepared the following ressources:


Many thanks go out to our graphic artist Michael Lackner who designed this brilliant poster for us. You can simply download, print and share it.

The pdf is available here, it may look even more awesome when printed on colored paper.

Please make sure you only put the poster on places you are allowed to affix it to! If you are not sure whether it is allowed or not, please contact someone in charge of the place.

Invitation Text

If you want to spread the word digitally we also make the latest invitation email texts online available. Hence you only need to copy paste the text to share it with your fellow Pythonistas (and those who wish to become but do not know yet =)).

Also we should not forget the talented Columbia19 for the awesome PyDays logo combining the Python Logo with the leaf pattern from the Vienna Secession. We also make this available for downloading here.

The Vienna Secession’s theme

‘Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit’

translates to

‘To every time its art, to art its freedom.’

A thought that we believe fits very well PyDay’s aim of being a place to meet and exchange ideas.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

See you soon in Vienna,

Your PyDays Team

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